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Gun Control in the United States : A Reference Handbook
Too often, the subject of gun control is treated simplistically- from Second Amendment absolutists to gun abolitionists. Simple answers, however, mask complex realities. This book, by a respected scholar of gun control and the author of ABC-CLIO's award-winning Guns in American Society, provides no answers. It does, however, present all aspects of the issue evenhandedly, giving readers both sides of the debate on all the issues and, thus, the tools to make their own informed decision. --(LOC)

The Gun Debate : What Everyone Needs to Know
No topic is more polarizing than guns and gun control. From a gun culture that took root early in American history to the mass shootings that repeatedly bring the public discussion of gun control to a fever pitch, the topic has preoccupied citizens, public officials, and special interest groups for decades. This book delves into the issues that Americans debate when they talk about guns.--Publisher's description.

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Assaulted : Civil Rights Under Fire
A documentary that brings audiences to the center of the controversy over the issue that is dividing our nation: gun control. Narrated by Ice-T, a critically acclaimed rapper and actor, the film takes a critical look at current gun laws and the rising movement to restrict the rights guaranteed by our Second Amendment.--(WORLDCAT)

Brady Campaign YouTube Videos Unrestricted Resource Resource contains video
Of the 30,000 people who die in this country each year, how many could be saved? Brady’s strategic approach of legal action against bad apple gun dealers, extending background checks & changing social norms around guns seeks to change this reality.

NRA Stand and Fight Unrestricted Resource Resource contains video
While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world.


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