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This Is Your Brain on Music

Explores the relationship between the mind and music by drawing on recent findings in the fields of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology to discuss such topics as the sources of musical tastes and the brain's responses to music.


Before Elvis: The Prehistory of Rock 'n Roll (EBOOK)

This work surveys the origins of rock 'n' roll from the minstrel era to the emergence of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley. Unlike other histories of rock, it offers a far broader and deeper analysis of the influences on rock music. Dispelling common misconceptions, it examines rock's origins in hokum songs and big-band boogies as well as Delta blues, detailing the embrace by white artists of African-American styles long before rock 'n' roll appeared. This study ranges far and wide, highlighting not only the contributions of obscure but key precursors like Hardrock Gunter and Sam Theard but also the influence of celebrity performers like Gene Autry and Ella Fitzgerald... 

Can't Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America

"Beginning with their adolescence in Liverpool, Gould describes the seminal influences––from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry to The Goon Show and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland––that shaped the Beatles both as individuals and as a group...With a musician’s ear, Gould sensitively evokes the timeless appeal of the Lennon-McCartney collaboration and their emergence as one of the most creative and significant songwriting teams in history..."


All Music Guide to Classical Music: The Definitive Guide to Classical Music (REFERENCE)




The Encyclopedia of Country Music: The Ultimate Guide to the Music (REFERENCE)

"Covers the important figures, trends, and forms of country music throughout its history--from the Carter Family of the 1920s to Taylor Swift and Keith Urban today. "



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Free Music Downloads
Classical Music Library Free Download of the Week (Alexander Street Press) 

Free Download for Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (Alexander Street Press)
Online Music Collections Unrestricted Resource Resource contains audio
"The Red Hot Archive is a place to study and enjoy the music of these early 'Jazzmen'...We hope it will combine the best of books and audio recordings, into valuable and enjoyable tools for appreciating this music and the men and women who produced it.”  --Scott Alexander

Library of Congress: Performing Arts & Music Collection Unrestricted Resource
From the American Memory Project website.  Includes jazz, gospel, vaudeville, blues, civil war music, etc.

Songs of America Collection (Library of Congress) Unrestricted Resource
Streaming Video

Exploring the World of Music (Annenberg Media) Unrestricted Resource Resource contains video
Click the "VOD" symbol next to individual programs to stream video. Unrestricted Resource
" has two goals. One is to build a national preserve of hard-to-find documentary films about American folk or roots cultures. The other is to give them renewed life by streaming them on the internet. The films were produced by independent filmmakers in a golden age that began in the 1960s and was made possible by the development first of portable cameras and then capacity for synch sound. Their films focus on the culture, struggles, and arts of unnoticed Americans from many different regions and communities."

Austin City Limits (PBS) Unrestricted Resource
"ACL, the longest running music series in the country,showcases popular music legends and innovators from all genres.  Great music. No limits" (

Latin Music USA (PBS) Unrestricted Resource
"From Latin jazz and mambo to salsa, Tejano, Chicano rock, Latin pop and reggaeton, LATIN MUSIC USA tells the story of the rise of new American music forged from powerful Latin roots and reveals the often overlooked influence of Latin music on jazz, hip hop, rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll and on all of American culture" (

30-Minute Music Hour Unrestricted Resource
"In response to Wisconsin's thriving independent music scene, the 30-Minute Music Hour offers a free-form stage where artists from around the state and country perform music that might otherwise go unheard" (

TED Talks: Music Unrestricted Resource
"These TED Talks--from maestros, musical virtuosos and the occasional robot--take you into the world of creating and conducting music."

Anonymous 4 Unrestricted Resource
"Renowned for their unearthly vocal blend and virtuosic ensemble singing, the four women of Anonymous 4 combine historical scholarship with contemporary performance intuition to create their magical sound."

Music Vault Unrestricted Resource
"The World's Greatest Collection of Live Music" (YouTube Channel)  

IMVDB: Internet Music Video Database Unrestricted Resource
"Discover new videos, follow artists and directors, create playlists and channels, or help expand the  database" (

Streaming Audio & Music Search Engines
midomi music search Unrestricted Resource
"midomi is the ultimate music search tool because it is powered by your voice. Sing, hum, or whistle to instantly find your favorite music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests" (

Pandora Internet Radio Unrestricted Resource
"The name Pandora means "all gifted" in Greek. In ancient Greek mythology, Pandora received many gifts from the gods, including the gift of music, from Apollo.  She was also, as we all know, very curious. Unlike those gods of old, however, we celebrate that virtue and have made it our mission to reward the musically curious among us with a never-ending experience of music discovery" ( Unrestricted Resource
"Search for your favorite artist and listen to their music. If it’s not playing right now, you’ll find stations that will likely play it which will lead to other music and stations you’re sure to enjoy" ( 
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